Behind the Scenes of a $500,000/Year Business

  • lindsey

    Hello, my name is Lindsey, I am 61 and I applied your techniques. Would really appreciate the documents listed in the end. I never had a facebook but made one just for this! I am so excited

  • kparker513

    Wow I learned a lot. One key point for me was, you didn’t make more money because your ideas got better, you made more because your marketing skills improved. The other great take away for me was to “understand COMPLETELY the end result you’re providing”. And lastly and most importantly Freedom comes down to mindset. Really looking forward to the next video on limiting beliefs and mindset! PLEASE POST THIS!!!

  • Marga

    Great video. I learned one key point that I did not know. The pain of doing business is the key to finding new solutions. It is not the bottom line approach of revenue is the up approach of transforming that pain into an opportunity. Thanks for sharing. I have share your video on my Facebook for the Latino business owners I work with. I think this will be great for them. Marga

  • Joanna Politańska

    Great video! Great experience. I would love to have that: Thanks

  • Steffen

    Lesson learnt: I don’t need a “purpose business” to start.

  • Paul L

    love the seven elements and the critical questions – resonates with a common sense practical approach to meeting needs.